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We’ve got Panhandle Pumpkins

All of the pumpkins in our delightful Pumpkin Patch are actually grown up in the Panhandle of Texas. We’ve determined that those folks are much better at the growing — and that folks around here are better at decorating pumpkins, carving pumpkins … and making pumpkin pies! So — we had our Panhandle pals deliver some of their pumpkins to us!


Pumpkins (they are cousins to squash) come in all colors and sizes and shapes. Some are mighty tasty to cook with — we like old-fashioned pumpkin pie, and roasted seeds, and even pumpkin bread. Some are better to carve or decorate than to eat. And some really unusual ones are delightful as fall decor.


Above are photos of the more unusual pumpkins we will have this year — from the left are Pok-e-mons, a Jarrahdale, and a carved Lumina.


These are the more traditional pumpkins — little Cinderella’s are wonderful for pies. The larger pumpkins would just love to become your Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns. And the little minis would be just great by the basketful.

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